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Parul Gandhi

Practice Manager
I started the orange Tree Clinic in July 2011 as an extension of the Pharmacy. KC Pharmacy is a community pharmacy  established for over 25 years. The Clinic provides a serene space from which therapists and specialists can practice with the knowledge that all their needs are met. As the practice manager I ensure the smooth running of the clinic by providing all the needs of the practitioners. I am always available to listen and make improvements as we grow and evolve. Welcome to the Orange Tree Clinic

Bernadette Douetil

Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage, Facials
Bernadette is a Holistic therapist practising a range of therapies including Massage, Reflexology, Facial Treatments using European Clays as well as Mother to Be and New Mother Massage. Bernadette started her business in Teddington 18 years ago and her philosophy has always been to develop a long term relationship with her clients to understand them and their lifestyles and tailor a programme which will provide balance and alleviate the stress of modern day living. With her range of therapies, essential oils and signature treatments she aims to create a new experience adding a special energy to your daily life.

Kathleen Farren

Nutritional Therapist  –  Wellness Coach  –  Reiki Master  –  Cooking workshops


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I have a life long fascination with how food affects us, both mentally and physically.  I decided I wanted to learn more about how food was affecting me, and why I was running on empty which led me to study the science of nutrition.


I was so excited to start my studies at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I discovered the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing, gaining an understanding of the barriers to making nutrition and lifestyle changes. I trained in reiki therapy, became an NLP Coach and ran the zest4life nutrition and coaching programme for 5 years.


I also practice Reiki which is a very effective therapy to support clients emotionally on this journey of self discovery and to help them with confidence, allowing them to let go of old unwanted behaviours.  I use BACH Flower Remedies which are a wonderful tool to aid emotional balance. I have clinics in Twickenham and Teddington, providing telephone or online consultations and coaching programmes.

Rewind Physio

Sarah McKeown BSc (Hons) MCSP
Chartered Physiotherapist
Physiotherapy, Pilates and Aquatic Therapy


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Sarah has always been into sport and exercise, and from a young age she knew she wanted to help people to stay well. 

Becoming a physiotherapist was a natural choice for Sarah. She could combine her love of exercise with a fulfilling career helping patients to achieve their goals, no matter their age, ability or physical limitations. After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2000, Sarah gained a wealth of experience working within the NHS and the private sector, covering a wide range of disciplines.

Sarah launched Rewind Physio in 2014 specialising in adult musculoskeletal physiotherapy, aquatic therapy and pilates.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, walking the dog and of course, exercising!



Pawel Wiacek

Yin Yang Bodyworks™
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Pawel has been involved in complementary therapies since 2004. Following a severe shoulder injury and a long period of rehabilitation, which led to an abrupt stop to his basketball training, he developed an interest in massage and healing.

His journey commenced with Polynesian (Lomi Lomi) style massage training. Since then he explored and studied aromatherapy, reflexology, the metamorphic technique, holistic massage, yoga, Zhineng Qi gong, deep tissue massage, acupressure, trigger point massage, direct and indirect myofascial release, abdominal massage and visceral manipulation, dorn method, somatic movement coaching (hanna somatics ), tension and trauma releasing exercises, craniosacral therapy and bowen technique.

Beatrice Doubble

BA MA RCST PR Chair Craniosacral Therapy Association


Craniosacral Therapy
Treating adults and children
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I’ve been practicing as a Craniosacral Therapist for over 10 years. I became interested in Craniosacral Therapy after I was recommended to try it for migraines and backache caused by tight tendons, having walked on my toes since childhood.

Following a series of life-changing treatments I experienced a release of deeply ingrained tension that had been held in my tissues since birth.  With the help of CST, stored shock and stress were released, my tendons relaxed, and my adrenals and nervous system re-set themselves.  At around the same time, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she also found great relief in Craniosacral Therapy, and thanks to a mixture of allopathic and complementary therapies her health is now fully restored.

My own journey of awakening to our natural healing mechanisms led me to study CST with Thomas Attlee at the College of Craniosacral Therapy and to have my own practice.  I enjoy creating a safe space for people to express their stories and release layers of conditioning and stuck patterns. 

Alongside my CST practice, I’m currently studying a degree in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine at University College of Osteopathy, and was PR Chair of the Craniosacral Therapy Association for nearly 7 years.

Christine Grabowska.

Fertility and Pregnancy Care


 Acupuncture and Moxibustion 

run by midwife, acupuncturist and craniosacral therapist


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I am a fully qualified midwife and acupuncturist graduated from the London South Bank University with a BSc (Hons) in Chinese medicine –  I was fortunate to be taught by Chinese acupuncture experts of Confucius Institute of TCM in London which has given me a great foundation and understanding of ancient Chinese medicine and especially how to apply this knowledge. 
I practise TCM acupuncture based on Five phase theory treating the person in a holistic approach
I specialise in the treatment of back, neck & shoulders pain, headache & migraine, menstrual problems, infertility, menopausal problems, stress-related problems, depression & anxiety, digestive disorders. To maximise the effect of treatment, I use acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping
and/or tuina massage in combination depending on patient’s condition. As part of my treatment, I give
advice on nutrition, diet and lifestyle to support the treatment outcome.

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Homeopathy by Arunjot



MSc. RSHom

I offer a safe space for growth, healing and transformation to happen; one that is caring, compassionate and non-judgemental. I bring my experience and expertise in the medicinal art of homeopathy (based upon universal principles and natural laws) to help alleviate suffering and illness wherever possible.

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I aim to instil an understanding in my patients of the mind/body/spirit connection and the relationship that  ‘symptoms’ have in their expression and totality to an underlying root cause. I see these symptoms as messengers from the life-force inviting awareness and insight as they strive to heal from this deeper disturbance.

My passion for Homeopathy is fueled by the depth and elegance of the philosophical principles upon which it is based; an endless source of study, wonder and inspiration.

The gentle power of homeopathy together with practices such as Meditation, Psychotherapy, Pranayama, and Pranic Healing constitute a medicine bundle of energy-based healing technologies that promote profound healing and well-being at the deepest level. 

London Nutritionist Milena Kaler

Milena Kaler is a is a qualified London Nutritionist, weight loss and digestive health specialist, trained in the principles of Functional Medicine. Milena sees patients with chronic health conditions, as well as clients looking for support to optimise their health. Some of the areas Milena can help with include: weight loss, digestive, hormonal, immune and skin health. Scientific and holistic in approach, Milena looks at all aspects of a client’s health. She embraces a systems-oriented approach aiming to get to the root cause of health and weight issues instead of simply focusing on the symptoms. Milena sees every person as an individual with different problems and different goals. She takes time to listen to her clients’ specific concerns to develop customised nutrition and lifestyle plans, based on laboratory test results. Having overcome her own chronic health and weight loss issues, Milena really understands how it is to feel overwhelmed by poor health and can relate to her clients when they first come to see her.


Lolita Krastina

Foot Health Practitioner Dip. FH, MCFHPLolita K.

Routine Foot Care
Verruca Treatments
Heel Pain Managment
Foot Pain Management

Ball of Foot Pain Management

Nail Reconstruction
Diabetics Foot Care

Nail Braces


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After over a decade career as a manicurist/pedicurist providing Nail Treatments, including high end clientele, VIP, members of Royal Families all around the World, Celebrities and Pop Stars, I took new challenge and 2014 successfully completed Foot Health Practitioner course at The SMAE Institute (1919), MaidenheadMy training has been extensive with one of the oldest podiatry/foot health teaching Institutes in the UK.
I am a member of the Open College of Foot Health Professionals (MCFHP). I am bound by the Code of Ethics, Rules of the Association and professionally insured.
As a Foot Health Practitioner I care for people’s feet in a similar way to a chiropodist or podiatrist.
Among my Diploma in Foot Health, continuous professional development (CPD) is an important part of being a Foot Health Practitioner and since qualifying, I have also trained in Biomechanics, Vasyli Orthotics, Wound Management, Metarsalgia Pain Management, Nail Bracing for ingrowing toenails and Wilde-Pedique technique for correction of damaged toe nails.

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Andrea Reyna G. (MIFPA)HMA

Holistic Clinical Aromatherapist and Therapeutic Massage

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Influenced by the wisdom of Oriental Medicine principles and Mayan
cosmovision, she applies a holistic approach to aromatherapy and
blending, considering the therapeutic properties of essential oils along
with fragrance energetics and safety, providing a wider perspective to
create a bespoke blend with intention to support your body, mind & spirit.
Florist by trade and a firm believer of the positive effect of flowers and
plants in our health, Andrea approaches Aromatherapy as another technique for delivering all
the healing virtues nature can offer.

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